COVID-19 Care Package
Distribution Drive


Who we are

A not-for-profit charity foundation under J4ToTheWorld, LLC, which aims to enrich and service people’s lives virtuously. Additionally, CARES is an acronym for: Care; Achieve, Righteous, Enrich and Service.


What we do

Curate services and programs to educate and entertain through CARE initiatives.


Why we do it

We believe that the greatest success we will know is in helping others to succeed & grow.

Served Olympic Gardens, Bull Bay & Portmore in August 2020.

About this initiative


100 Families in the areas of Bull Bay, Olympic Gardens and Portmore were gifted care packages containing food items to feed a family of 4 persons. Members of the J4 team based in Jamaica were on the ground to frontend the logistics of procuring the food items from wholesale distributors and to collaborate with church representatives of the aforementioned areas in identifying families in need , portioning and distributing the food items. J4’s US based Lead, Mr. Troy Watson, will orchestrate all the backend logistics such as scheduling, task delegation, etc.

Special thanks to all the individuals who generously donated online to make this relief drive possible.

Christmas 2020 Relief Drive


CARESbyJ4 has partnered with JEDI Movements, LLC. and Apsession, LLC. in an effort to provide meals for 100 families in Jamaica currently impacted by COVID-19. Your contribution of $10 USD will provide food and personal supplies to a family in need. We plan to serve care packages to the following affected communities: Seaview Gardens in Kingston, Yallahs in St. Thomas, Stony Hill in St. Andrew, and Glengoffe in St. Catherine.