About Us

J4 is 

J4 originated in Aiken, South Carolina where a group of international collegiate athletes became a prevalent influence among its peers at the University of South Carolina – Aiken. With our foundation grounded in diversity, commonality and respect; we use these principles as our compass to our limitless journey in building our legacies as a J4. At the same time, being a living example of the embodiment as we incorporate these traits as part of our impetus.

As of March 25th 2017, Founder and foremost J4, Troy Watson decided to take action and develop the business model of J4, with the aim to remain true to J4’s essence: diversity, commonality and respect at its core. Our essence is a standard to help streamline our platform as we grow and is accent in our culture. The entity is commonly referred to as J4 but is legally known as, J4 ToTheWorld LLC.

Furthermore, it is J4’s purpose to create a vibrant, energetic, welcoming atmosphere and environment for all to mingle, socialize and express commonalities and diversities in harmony.


Moments of greatness through social entertainment, influence by our creative expression of our caribbean culture while infusing the taste of the world at large. 


Coll.4 — You choosing to becoming your best self. Tap into, your Greatness!

Description: Sleek, Trendy & Classic wears of limited editions for your ready-to-wear. Feeling good, Looking good and Doing good. 



A not-for-profit charity foundation under J4ToTheWorld, LLC, which aims to enrich and service people’s lives virtuously. Additionally, CARES is an acronym for: Care; Achieve, Righteous, Enrich and Service.

Our Vision

A lifestyle brand committed to improving and helping humanity to thrive through fostering an aura of togetherness, respect and rising the best in each other.

Our Mission

Is to cultivate a conscious, unified and self preserving professional, sociable and emotional  standard for all to foster. Furthermore, we welcome partnerships with others that share these values and who conduct business ethically — THE J4 STANDARD.

Our Values

Guided by a consciousness of self preservation, unification, collaboration and higher self to ultimately serve others to thrive towards them best self.